Mysterious Faces Talking Straight Ahead collects a number of both published and unpublished poems ranging across more than twenty-five years. It contains certain long poems, like Boyle Heights, which were only published in part and now appear full length. This book differs entirely from another which is appearing at the same time but in print only, The Sun Takes Us Away: New and Selected Poems and which may be purchased at or ordered through bookstores, or ordered directly from Red Hen Press.

Mysterious Faces Talking Straight Ahead is copyright © 1996 by Benjamin Saltman.

Anyone has permission not only to access the book on the internet but to download and to print it out as long as the copies made are not thereafter sold. I think it is valuable to have a printed text in hand so that one may shift back over a whole poem or collection of poems.

Acknowledgement is made to the following publications in which some of the poems appeared: Bachy, Bakunin, Chiaroscuro, Epoch, Invisible City, Kayak, Lillabulero, Madrona, Poetry/LA, Poetry Northwest, Shirim, Slant.

Benjamin Saltman

Table of Contents